Azolla and Vermi wash

Hindi Rs 50/-

This is the Hindi version of the much acclaimed “Repair and Maintenance Manual” of the biogas plants. This contains very useful information for the maintenance and repair of the biogas plants. It gives very useful tips and also simple maintenance techniques for the daily users. It informs the end-users including house-wives methods for getting optimum use of the biogas plant. It also cautions the users of the common errors they may do. The manual also helps maintenance personnel identify and solve general problems that may arise with the plant. Apart from these the manual also shares user experiences of plant usage.



Hindi Rs 15/-

This is the Hindi version of the book “Biogas Users Guide” - on how to use and maintain the biogas plant. It gives the details of initial feeding of the plant. It also covers daily, weekly and yearly maintenance of the plant. The booklet also covers regular upkeep of the biogas stove. It also gives a table showing how biogas is superior than conventional fuel in terms of not only economics, but also by way of environment accounting, social accounting, health accounting etc



Malayalam Rs 70/-

A complete manual on Azolla technology: Backyard Azolla cultivation technology developed by Dr.Kamalasanan Pillai and the usage of Azolla as a broad spectrum bio-feed for livestock as well as poultry.



Tamil  Rs 25/-
This is a detailed dialogue between world famous environmentalist Edward Goldsmith and Indian philosopher Krishna Chaitanya. The book is in Tamil. The central thesis of this dialogue shared by the two thinkers, Edward Goldsmith and Krishna Chaitanya, is that the industrial way of life is no longer sustainable. Excerpt from the book : "But one definite conclusion that we, in our small way, seem to have arrived at, is that the world is a continuum, a  system in a profound sense, not in the materialistic sense or in the sense of the physicist;" Elegant and meaningful Eco-Cartoons add beauty to the book.



(When shall we save the environment and shall live happily?), Tamil, Rs 15/- [Out of Print]
In a simple and effective way the book explores the different dimensions of preserving the well being of the planet.The book shows through illustrations how all life is interconnected. It shows how farmer in his field is helped by the web of life. The book also details what lessons and values of life can be learnt from other life forms and natural phenomenon



(Traditional venom/poison treatment methods), Tamil, Rs 40/-
This is a very important book in the history of indigenous medicines. It explains the precautions. It details the method of preparing the formulations for treatment. This book is a valuable addition in conserving and disseminating the traditional knowledge of our communities in this vital aspect of the health care.  The book is written in a lucid style and is a must for every household.  This is a life saving book.



English, Rs 50/-
This book is a guide for biogas users, masons and engineers. It helps the reader in identifying the problems that come up during biogas installation and usage. It helps in effective maintenance and repairs of the plant.The book has technical diagrams which are presented in a way even layman can understand. This is a must for every biogas user and constructor: for both layman and professional. This is very comprehensive and deals with all the problems including financial management of loans regarding biogas plant constructions. There are anectodal experiences of users and their problems as well as solutions to the problems.