Vivekananda Kendra Nardep has published a new multi-coloured introduction as well as instruction manual on Bio-Methanation plant. The book has two parts. the first part provides a detailed introduction to Shakti Surabhi plant. It explains the principle of Bio-Methanation. It also gives detailed data on how to increase the working efficiency and obtain optimum results. The special features of the plant as well as key indicators of the plant health are also given. The Second part deals with the fixed plant as well as scaling up operations. It provides a brief on biogas for electricity generation and also scaling up of the plant. There is a section on frequently asked questions and also a section on general terms. The book provides both an introduction to the technology and also user-gudelines to the user. The experiences of various users are shared with the reader in the form of attractive box items. The book also provides good detailed illustrations in colour. This is a welcome addition to the library of books on sustainable development technologies.

Dr.A.R.Shukla , Adviser (Bio-Energy), Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, GOI, in his forward to the book states that 'the book provides the layman an introduction to use of the technology and for those who are using it already, this book makes them efficient users. A sustainable techology has to be integrated with the society and its socio-cultural heart beat to make the technology people's technology. This book has come out as an important catalyst in that transformation".

Handbook on Bio-Methanation: Shakti Surabhi

Author: Er. Ramakrishnan, Pages: 60