Earth functions as one super-organism : Gaia Hypothesis has made the planet earth an emotional and scientific symbol for ecologists worldwide. Lynn Margulis was one of the co-originators of this revolutionary concept. In this month newsletter VK-nardep pays homage to Lynn Margulis, who passed away this November. We have her lecture excerpts which explain her system approach to planet as a unitive life phenomenon.

At VK-nardep we have vermi-compost workshop, farmers and students study tour. RuTAG - Rural Technology group of IIT Chennai had a workshop at Vivekananda Kendra wherein the RuTAG officials met representatives from various organizations, institutions and colleges and discussed what technical inputs can be given for sustainable rural development. We also reinforced the technology integration with farmers at Sevayoor.


We have a new book on Shakti Surabhi the Bio-Methanation plant and we also are releasing a new book on Visha Vaidhya System - an important step in preserving the indigenous medical wisdom.

How can evolving a planetary consciousness be both scientific as well as an inner spiritual awakening? A bio-physicist, a deep ecologist and a Zen nun discuss it in the wisdom section of our newsletter. Gaia is not only science she is also the face of evolving planetary consciousness.

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