Will humanity survive? Many people have lost hope. There are many doomsday prophets in environmental movements. But Jane Goodall gives us hope and also reasons for hope. She should know for she had seen the worst kind of cruelty humanity can inflict on our fellow evolutionary cousins - the chimps and she had also seen how attitudes can be changed and hearts won over when knowledge brings expansion of heart. So our newsletter that reaches you this new year brings you rightly her message of hope.


Azolla is spreading throughout Andhra Pradesh. Dr. Kamalasannan Pillai of VK-nardep has done wonderful work for the livestock farmers. This newsletter brings you the news about his work in Andhra and also how media in AP has extensively reported on this green technology. Along with that we also bring other reports of our activiies including seminar on traditional medical knowledge, Shakti Surabhi -Bio Methanation plant seminars etc. In our book section we introduce our new publication that documents for the first time the indigenous medical systems involved in venom-poison treatment.

In the wisdom section we have Mother, Sri Aurobindo and J.Krishnamurthi  - all enlighten us on how we can make our lives more beautiful and useful and meaningful. Let us hope on the whole you will find our newsletter an enrichening experience. Please download it here.