This month newsletter bring you a wonderful article on embedded mind in nature by Italian deep ecologist Guido Dalla Casa. He demonstrates how the evolution of science allows us to see the embedded mind in all levels of existence. This also has its reflection on Ethics. Ethics should extend not only to humans but also non-human lives on the planet which have embedded mind. He declares "An ecosystem is a mind-endowed complex system."

Azolla technology is getting a good reception at Andhra Pradesh thanks to the hard work by Dr.Pillai and his team. You can read about it. And Varma System of bone setting... this mysterious system of medicine is unique to Southern Tamil Nadu. Shrouded as it is in mystery and in the verge of gradual extinction, Vivekananda Kendra - NARDEP team headed by Dr.Ganapathi has made extraordinary efforts to make awareness about this system of medicine and also to scientifically collect data about this medicine and make traditional physicians gather in one place, discuss and share their methodologies and experiences. There is a detailed report about it also. Gradening is not just a vocation. It is an art, science and a meditation as well. So In her wonderful book on gardening Sis.V.Saraswathi explains how to do gardening scientifically and cost-effectively. There is a review of this Tamil book in our publications section.

Education is a wonderful thing. How to educate is the question. Swami Chinmayananda, Sri Aurobindo and Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam explore in the wisdom section of our newsletter the need for a ethical education, need for creativity and freedom in education and a demonstration of a good teacher respectively.

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