A very warm Deepavali Greetings to all of you.

On the day of the festival of light, we bring you this newsletter that speaks of life as  'One Grand Organic Whole'. The article explains how science of unity of life as it gradually evolved started describing Gaia in a language of consilience that both scientists, poets, artists and religious thinkers can understand. It is science nevertheless it is poetry and mysticism. It is also an odyssey of the evolution of systems thinking in bio-sciences from Wallace to Lynn Margulis & James Lovelock.We are sure you will enjoy this special excerpt that explains how the science of Gaia changes the way we look at ourselves and our environment.

We also bring you the happening at VK-nardep where the training camps on Azolla technology and Bio-methanation plant technology are held. We provide you a glimpse of work that is happening at the green health home of VK-nardep.


In our publications, we bring you an excerpt from Akshaya Vikas. It explains the philosophy and general theory behind sustainable development through three birds, an ostrich, a parrot and a swan. Ostrich symbolizes classical Newtonian reductionist science that refuses to see beyond. Parrot simply repeats mindlessly the western model of development and the swan symbolizes wisdom that can discriminate and integrate the values and wisdom of ancient civilization with the holistic science. We are sure you will enjoy this conversation.

In our wisdom section, we bring you the perspective of Mahatma Gandhi on Truth, an eco-sociologist on Goodness and an ecologist on Beauty : which is in Indian tradition considered the trinity of Satyam, Shivam and Sundaram.

On the whole we wish you a happy reading experience: You can download the newsletter by clicking here.

Once again a Very Happy festival of Light!