October 2020

Dear Friends,

Nani Palkhivala (16.1. 1920 to 11.12.2002) is known as the "the conscience-keeper of the nation". He became famous because of Kesavananda Bharati case. When a Special Bench of 13 Judges of Supreme Court was constituted to reconsider the correctness of the dictum of law laid down regarding the basic structure in Kesavananda Bharati case, Palkhivala’s impassioned address made the Chief Justice to dissolve the Bench.

Palkhivala's post-Budget speeches in Bombay since 1958 has drawn national attention and the audience during his later addresses rose to about a lakh. All those speeches were delivered extempore. He was the finest intellectual and jurist of the country and received innumerable awards and honorary doctorates from several countries. His two famous books are “We the people” and “We the nation”.

In September 1977, Palkhivala was appointed Ambassador of India to the United States of America, which assignment he held until July 1979.