Mystics may not need science and science need not certify mysticism. But humanity needs both. Tagore, a mystic at heart and a poet has a dialogue with Albert Einstein who is a scientist and a great human. Here in this month newsletter we provide an excerpt from that conversation.

Aesthetics is an important component for any technology if it needs to be disseminated in the society. This is more true of sustainable technologies. This month we see how beauty can be an aid in the dissemination of cost-effective construction technology.

In Indian mythology Bhagiratha brought Ganga to the earth after severe obstacles. He has become the archetype of persistent human effort for the welfare of all existence. We present the real story of a modern day Bhagiratha, a student hero who brought Azolla backyard cultivation technology from Kanyakumari to the homesteads of the marginal livestock farmers of Bihar.

We also have some interesting happenings in VK-nardep including a lively demo with a live snake for the conference of traditional venom-treating physicians. We also have wisdom from the words of Masanobu Fukuoka, Pondicherry Mother and quantum physicist Fred Alan Wolf.

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