In this newsletter Lester Brown, leading environmental thinker, speaks of the coming of a 'perfect storm'. Only this storm is more man-made than natural. And he predicts that this storm is coming faster than we have been expecting. Lester Brown asks "A lily pond has one leaf in it the first day, two the second day, four the third, and the number of leaves continues to double each day. If the pond fills on the thirtieth day, when is it half full?" The answer is as surprising and frightening as the prediction Brown makes. Read about it in our newsletter.

This month we sensitized the rural communities to their own resources and hidden knowledge treasure which is fast becoming endangered and this is an effort from VK-nardep to save these traditional knowledge of healing and herbs from extinction. Learn about this and other activities this month.

Two hearts beat green! One from Bihar and another from Kanyakumari! Solomon Ashok a farmer from Kanyakumari responds to Akhilesh from Bihar on his Azolla project. Here we share this wonderful correspondence with you and also a glimpse of Solomon's roof top filled with Azolla beds. Read this exciting exchange of experiences on green technology.