vknardep, medical traditions to metamorphosisThis month in our newsletter you can see how the local traditions can be revived for the protection of the bio-diversity and social coherence. What we have presented are excerpts from our publication, published as part of 'Green Rameshwaram' and the UNICEF WaSH initiative. They are also part of the panels in the awareness creation exhibition conducted at  various places in the island of Rameshwaram. In our 'Happenings'
vknardep, medical traditions to metamorphosis we have Azolla workshop, workshops on indigenous Varma-Bone setting techniques, Bio-methanation plant training and awareness camps. In the ethnic medicine workshop a documentation CD of the Varma techniques was released. In Green Rameshwaram we have college students from Kanyakumari district coming and participating in the cleaning campaign. In the publication we have excerpt from Samagra Vikas which is about management of the urban waste through recycling of the organic matter. It is an excerpt from the article by Gary Gardner on recycling of organic wastes.