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Shakthi Surabhi Bio-Methanation Plant

This is a bio-methanation plant that can convert kitchen organic bio-waste into energy and nutrient rich slurry.

Shakthi Surabhi Bio-Methanation plant has been innovated by Vivekananda Kendra - nardep, Kanyakumari.



Biofarm - Integrated sustainable livelihood

This is the result of an all India co-ordinated project sponsored by Department of Science and Technology of Government of India, executed by Vivekananda Kendra - NARDEP (Natural Resources Development Project). This involves decreasing market dependency and increasing livelihood security, food security, nutritional self-reliance, economic empowerment and employment generation. This is done through the introduction and integration of alternative and eco-friendly technologies and community resource management. This also includes creation of social infrastructure suited for these technological interventions.

Sri Rice

System Rice Intensification is a way of rice cultivation developed in 1983 and since then has been successful in creating good yields in terms of both grains and biomass. Here Vivekananda Kendra R&D scientist Dr. Kamalasanan Pillai demonstrates transplantation of seedlings and also Sri.Murugan the farmer explains how it helps him.

NRDC: Backyard Azolla cultivation to Pellet Technology

Azolla cultivation in the backyard and subsequent feeding to the cattle as well as production of feed pellets.


Use of Pancha-gauya in a village in Kanyakumari district : Introduced by Vivekananda Kendra NARDEP.

On Panchagauya

Bio-Farmer describes the effectiveness of Panchagauvya at Kozhikottupiothai a village at Kanyakumari district.

Organic rose: Farmer's testimony

Organic rose cultivation: Testimony of the farmer.

Azolla Testimony

Use of Azolla as bio-feed is a technique developed by VK-NARDEP.

Increasing field diversity fodder grass

Fodder grass without chemical fertilizers as inter-crop in coconut groove at the Biofarm village in Kanyakumari district : Vivekananda Kendra NARDEP.